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Mi Air Purifiers

Mi Car Air Purifier

Double Fan Recirculating Air Flow / Filtration PM2.5 Particulate / 60m3/h Particulate CADR / High Quality Filter Layer Purifying / APP Intelligent Control

Rs 27,999

Mi Filter for Air Purifier

Mi Air filter for Air Purifier 2

Rs 8,999

Mi Antibacterial Filter for Ai...

Antibacterial rate of more than 99% / Filter PM2.5 fine particles / Activated carbon effectively adsorb formaldehyde

Rs 9,999

Mi Formaldehyde Filter for Air...

Mi Air Purifier, Mi Air Purifier 2, Mi Air Purifier Pro / Block Partial Pathogenic Bacteria / Effectively Remove PM2.5 / Effectively Remove Formaldehyde

Rs 9,499

Mi Car Air Purifier Filter

PET primary filter / H11 high efficiency filter / 360° barrel design

Rs 7,999

Mi Car Air Purifier Formaldehy...

Catalytic activated carbon filter / Adsorption of formaldehyde / Filtration of harmful gases / Removal of odor

Rs 9,399

Mi Air Purifier 3

6660 liters of clean air per minute / also sensitive to slight pollution / 3 layers of purification, layered high efficiency / touch display / applicable area 28-48m2

Rs 47,999

Mi Air Purifier Pro

Laser particulate matter sensor, 500m³/h particulate matter CADR

Rs 69,999

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Li...

PM2.5 and pollen filtration | Pet hair filtration | Odour elimination

Rs 44,499

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pr...

Pet-hair and pollen filtration | OLED display | Effective coverage area of 35-60m²

Rs 74,999

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4

20m² large room purification in approx. 10 minutes Smart control | OLED display

Rs 56,999

Xiaomi Air Purifier F1

New product launch/ Strong formaldehyde removal/ New home early move-in/ High-efficiency antibacterial coating, 99% filtration of germs

Rs 65,999

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