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AMAZFIT Pace Smartwatch

Run phone-free

Bluetooth music|Sony 28 nm GPS|Heart rate
Ceramic bezel|5 days of battery life|Smart notifications
Rs 19999

Phone-Free Music

Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds load up your music to the internal storage, and run phone-free.
Can store up to 500 songs , blast your favorite hits, without using up your phone data.

Sony 28nm GPS
accurately measure sports activities

Track your route with built-in GPS and GLONASS,
keep real-time record of distance, time, pace, heart rate, calories, speed,
analyze, and Improve your fitness.

Heart Rate Sensor

Using Optical (PPG),
Optimize workouts with automatic heart rate monitoring, and continuous heart rate tracking

Outdoor/Indoor Bike

Follow our training plans for beginners, 5K, 10K, and marathon runners.

Ceramic Bezel

Durable and resistant to scratching.
The always-on display is easily readable even under bright sunlight.
Pace is IP67 certified, which means its resistant to dust,
rain, splashing, and accidental submersion.

Smart Notifications

Receive notifications for incoming calls,
messages and other apps.

5 Days of battery life

35 hours with continuous GPS and heart rate tracking.

Scratch-resistant ceramic bezel

Ceramic bezel hardness is after diamond, and can effectively avoid scratches

Sweat wristband

Silicone sports wrist strap designed to absorb sweat.

Amazfit Assistant APP

Configure Amazfit, Upload Motion Data and much more

Mi Fitness APP

Cloud Storage, Analyzes Personal Motion Data


① According to an average of 4.5MB per music file, the watch available storage space 2450 MB. 2450 / 4.5 = 544.

② 5 days battery time with Bluetooth connection, running half an hour a day, with 200 push notification; 35 hours battery life test with running in the open GPS mode, actual use, battery time, operation and use of the environment and other factors, may be different with the laboratory data.

③ Available space of about 2.4GB, 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes.

④ All data are provided by Huami Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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