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Mi Gaming Headset

To battle out the war, stay in the game!
7.1 virtual surround sound engine|LED colorful game light effect
dual microphone ENC environment noise reduction technology
LED colorful game light effect|dual interface removable design
Rs 8500

7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo Engine

Get ready and fight for the glory

In the ever-changing battlefield, the game sound plays a decisive role. The gaming headset
possesses a 7.1 virtual surround sound engine that is capable of creating an intense gaming
experience. The highly efficient sound positioning makes it easy to identity enemy positions,
guard against sneak attacks, and eventually defeating your rival.

Dual microphone environment noise reduction technology

Perfect opportunity to defeat your rival on the battlefield!

For an enticing gaming experience, two MEMS microphones have been specially designed and added to the gaming headphone.

Innovative acoustic unit

Super sound, exhilarating results

The Xiaomi Gaming Headset features a 40mm innovative speaker unit design that optimizes tri-band balance and enhances the sound quality of the headphones, providing the ultimate experience for gamers and music listeners alike.

Glowing LED light, looks perfect

Colorful game light effect

The headphone’s color and flash mode can be easily customized. The light effect changes with the volume of the music and the volume of the call. In bright light, the bright LED light effect will reflect the ups and downs of the fierce battle, and the MVP will shine. One is generally enough though.

Dual interface removable design

Segment elevation, unlock new achievements

To cater for all devices, the gaming headphone can be connected to both the USB port and the 3.5mm audio ports, two removable designs and support for a variety of mobile devices while being compatible with PC devices. The headphone is Plug and play, providing more versatility.

All-inclusive soundproof earmuffs

Waive a goodbye to noise and enjoy a single copy

The all-inclusive earmuffs efficiently makes the best use of soundproof materials, and the speaker unit is placed at a convenient angle to provide more space to the auricle. At the same time, the sound is transmitted effectively to ensure the game sound isn’t obstructed by outside noise. The earmuffs can be rotated using elastic couplings, without the noise and vibration of mechanical fit. They are dedicated to the pure game world.

Ergonomic design

Heroic equipment

E-gaming is a tireless and a never-ending venture, and wearing headphone for a long time means, you better have high quality comfortable headphones. The millet game earphones are designed with an ergonomic headgear which fits the head shape comfortably. The contact with the top of the head is soft yet comfortable. The efficient earmuffs do not pressurize the auricle when worn, bringing to the table an all-round comfort and wear, which is essential for you to win the event.

Professional driver configuration

Compatible information

In order to bring to the table the skills of the Xiaomi Gaming Headset, we have developed a professional driver configuration, which can be downloaded
as per the individual needs of every person and used in the computer to achieve free adjustment 7.1 virtual surround sound engine and custom LED
colorful light effect, etc. There are a variety of features that provide a more customizable experience to the user.

Download Mi Gaming Headset Driver (Chinese)
* 7.1 Virtual surround sound, dual microphone ENC environment noise reduction, LED colorful light effects, etc., require
the use of the USB with a dedicated headphone driver on the computer, can not be used using the 3.5 interface.

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