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Mi Portable Electric Shaver

Ultra-portable, short-needed second razor
Full-metallic body|Japanese Anlai steel cutter head |USB Type-C charging port|portable and handy
Rs 5500
Better beard experience with the 2mm length*
* This razor is suitable for trimming beards, perfect for travels, business, and office home settings.

Razor Features to consider for a buying decision?

  • Minimalist design
  • Type-C charging
  • Long battery life
  • Handy and portable

At first sight, the shaver projects an
exquisite extraordinary look

Put the exquisite Tibetan bag

Minimalist outlook and an all-metal body

The upper cover uses aluminum anodizing technology to polish the spectacular highlight effect which
comes after the polishing process, the outer shell of the fuselage is made of an aluminum ingot blasting
matte process after undergoing 18 processes, and the matte effect is very much metallic. The body is
designed with a card design which is about 13.2mm thick and weighs about 100 grams. This can be
easily put into a short pocket or a bag to carry with any worries.

Skin-friendly knife net, a comfortable
short-sleeved experience

Voronoi bionic geometric mesh cutter network of tin-cobalt alloy coating

The outer knife net is constructed with Voronoi geometry and is inspired by wings of the dragonfly. Less than
4 cm2 knife online distribution 1148 of holes, and make the foil surface contour fit better, more comfortable
experience to be a short length of 2mm. the surface of the knife net is coated with tin-cobalt alloy.

  • Voronoi

    wing bionic structure
  • Tin-cobalt alloy


Wave a goodbye to the facial hair,
the shaver is certainly very good at doing it!

Inspired by traditional samurai swords

Japanese Anlai steel with both sharpness and toughness.

The portable razor inner knife uses a well-known Japanese imported Anlai steel, the hardness of which is about 60 HRC. It is a high-grade steel for making traditional Japanese samurai swords, which has both sharpness and toughness and a sharp 27 degree blade. The razor has excellent degrees of sharpness.

  • 27°

    Sharp angle blade
  • 60HRC

    Hardness of anlai steel

Powerful, easy to shave facial beard

Japanese technology high speed motor

The portable razor is a powerhouse from inside. It makes use of the a high-
speed motor customized by the Japanese technology in order to achieve the
highest speed under controlled noise conditions, with 7800 rpm and strong
power. The work volume is about 65 dB for a more convenient use.

  • 7800rpm

    every minute
  • 65dB

    working volume

For a close yet gentle shave
without compromise

A long battery life of 30 days

A built-in custom high-density lithium polymer battery for long lasting life. At full power, you can shave for 3 minutes a day for 30 days.

Hidden switch

Avoid wrongly touching the switch and cause disoperation, making it easier to operate with one hand.

Battery indicator

The user is reminded of the insufficient battery power or the charging progress is displayed.

USB Type-C charging interface

A smartphone-compatible charger that simply picks up your phone charger when you're on the go, you can safely and quickly charge it.

No need for a wash design, easier to clean when going out

The easy-to-remove “knife net + cutter head” component has been patented and the package also comes with a cleaning brush. You can simply
remove the outer knife net from and use a brush to clean the inside of the knife net and the residuals of the cutter head for easy cleaning.

* Patent No: 201720857041.1
1. This product is portable and suitable for carrying around, and you can experience the ease of shaving in your business trips, travel, rides, office and other scenes.
2. It is more suitable for cleaning beards up to a length of 2mm or less. It is recommended that you use this product regularly for the best experience.
3. Please use the correct shaving method for better results: the vertical skin of the handheld product movies slowly against the growth of the beard, keeping the knife net light on the skin, and do not press hard to avoid accidentally scratching the skin.
4. It is normal for the first time to use a small number of users for skin irritation such as skin irritation and redness. This is because the skin needs to adapt to a new shaving system.
* All data are provided by Lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use, and other factors.

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