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Mi Smart Sneakers

Transform your running technique

One piece knitted upper/Fish bone arch locking system
Durable central soles/TPU shank for increased stability
Rs 5700(without smart chip)

Designed to improve running form

A purposefully designed running and training shoe which upon landing compresses the
outsole structure and provides a bounce back effect and energy transfer back into the
athlete thus enhancing and enabling a much for efficient gait cycle.

Comes with six enticing colors

The Mi Sneakers comes with three different colors for males and females, they are versatile and can be used for different occasions.

Comes with six enticing colors

The Mi Sneakers comes with three different colors for males and females, they are versatile and can be used for different occasions.

Comes with six enticing colors

The Mi Sneakers comes with three different colors for males and females, they are versatile and can be used for different occasions.

Fashionable and smart at the same time, professional running shoes

While breaking through the fashion barriers, Mi Sneakers offers a complete design package, blending a combination of comfort, safety, artistry and intelligence in a pair of shoes!

  • Comfortable
  • Safety
  • Lightweight
  • Smart

Comfortable design

The Mi Sneakers are designed for ultimate comfort and ease, they can be used
on different occasions and for purposes such as running, shopping and travelling.

Integral knitted upper structure

makes your feet lightweight and breathable

The Mi sneakers are made of one-piece upper. The thickness of the whole upper is less than
2mm, At the same time, more than 70% of the inner area is removed , which reduces the weight
of the shoes and makes the uppers flexible and breathable. The upper structure of the shoes is
knitted to give your feet a light and relaxed feel. It fits in to all foot sizes.

Durable central soles

Shock absorption, anti-slip

The Mi sneakers central soles make viable use of the injection structure of the upper
and lower mold EVA. The upper EVA is designed for effective shock absorption,
whereas the lower EVA layers prevents slippages. The combination of both is
assuring, safe and comfortable on the go.

Give your ankle & heel better protection

The Mi sneakers elastic velvet and the SBR technology enables the feet to be nicely held in the shoe, providing a comfortable feel for the heel, while also preventing slides and slippages at the same time.

Cross curved grooved structure

Mi sneakers front-end bend offers incredible flexibility when you are exercising, while also providing support. There is no shaking during the sprint.

Thick soft spongy soles

The thick and soft sponge-like breathable insole provides a space for air circulation and a better breathable movement while increasing the comfort of the wearer.

Focus on every detail and safety

The Mi Sneaker is designed to provide maximum safety to the user in most conditions and surfaces. Be it running on the road, hiking to a hill or a walk in the rain, you are all covered! The Mi sneakers gives you a sublime gift of confidence and strength while you are on the go.

  • Fishbone arch
  • TPU
  • Split sole rubber
  • Anti-slip reflective
  • Full view night run
  • Torque

Design inspiration from fish bones

Tighten the arch to protect your feet

The new fishbone arch locking system is inspired by the fishbone structure. The symmetrical two-piece “fishbone” securely locks the feet and reduces the chance of sprains in the foot.

Torsion balance sheet

Torque balance sheet to ensure safety

Mi sneakers comes with a added TPU torsion balance sheet between the two layers of the midsole. Whether it's running, jumping or cross country run, the unique balance sheet helps the foot return to the correct position after every landing, reducing the chance of foot sprain during exercise.

Front and rear split sole rubber structure

Long lasting and ensuring your safety

Mi sneakers have a split rubber outsole structure in front rear soles, which increases the wear resistance and grip of the soles without changing the weight of the shoes, so that the service life of the shoes is longer. At the same time, the rubber particles have good anti-slip properties, which adds more safety to the movement.

External TPU heel balance counter

Perfect balance between traction and durability

The large external rear heel TPU balance counter effectively prevents the heel from slipping, enhancing on-floor stability while reducing foot sprain.

A safer nighttime exercise experience

Tedron anti-slip reflective laces

Tedron's anti-slip laces are flexible and durable, not easy to break, and has reflective materials woven into the fabric of the laces, together with the heel reflective strips to ensure you’ll be seen when running on the road or on the trail, even during dusk and dark hours.

A safer nighttime exercise experience

Reflective heel strips

The addition of reflective strips can be safer at night, attracting the attention of pedestrians and drivers in advance.

Lightweight, responsive and stylish design

The weight of the Mi sneakers is also controlled, while satisfying the comfort, safety and its light weight. 278g of men shoes and 213g* of women shoes helps adjustment of weight so that feet can be flexibly stretched during exercise.

  • Male
  • Female
* Men's standard shoe size is 42, women's standard shoe size is 37, size varies slightly.

Track your movement with Amazfit

Can be used with Amazfit Smart Chip 2 (chip needs to be purchased separately)

The Mi sneakers can be paired with a unique feature – AMAZFIT – an intelligent chip,
smart enough to sense movement and gather information such as the distance
covered, the speed of movement, and calories burnt etc. At the end of the day,
users will be notified with details such as how far the user traveled, their
average speed, and number of calories burned.

* All the above data, if not specified, is from Chuangzhixing Apparel Technology Lab.

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