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Rated power5W

StandardGB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.9-2008
Q/XMTECH 1-2017

Product size92 ×55 ×13.2mm

Product weight100g

Package contents


1. Mi Portable Electric Shaver is suitable for trimming beards, perfect for travels, business, and office/home settings.
2. This product is more suitable for cleaning beards with a length of 2mm or less. It is recommended that you use this product for shaving every day to get the best results.
3. For the the soft and long beard, the shaving effect of this product has certain limitations.
4. Very small number of users may face skin tingling, redness and other skin sensation, because the skin needs to adapt to the new shaver.
5. Follow the correct shaving method to get better shaving effect. Do not press hard on skin to avoid scratching the skin.
6. Please check whether the inner cutter head and outer cutter net are damaged or deformed before use. If damaged or deformed, replace it before use.
7. This product is not waterproof. Do not rinse the shaver with water and leave it in the bathroom for a long time.
8. Do not use the shaver for anything other than shaving.
9. In case of abnormality or product failure during use, please stop using it immediately.
10. Store the shaver in a dry place after use, away from direct sunlight or near other heat sources.

Warning: This shaver should not be washed, please keep the product dry.

Tip: The shaver will slightly heat during charging and use. This is normal.

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