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    • PM2.5 Strong Protection
    • 360° Sealing RING
    • Easy Breathing
    • No Skin Pressure
    • PM2.5 Strong Protection
    • 360° Sealing RING
    • Easy Breathing
    • No Skin Pressure
    • PM2.5 Strong Protection
    • 360° Sealing RING
    • Easy Breathing
    • No Skin Pressure
Rs 2800

Hello, fresh air

Recent years, haze particles become one of the biggest threat to people's health. A good face mask will protect you from the air pollution and guard your health
Mi announced a new product, anti-haze face mask. the mask is suitable for everyday protection. it has PM 0.3 level protection, adaptability seals with flexible
three-dimensional structure which is comfortable to wear.

* China Textile Business Association "PM2.5 protective masks" T / CTCA 1-2015-F95 standard.

Mi Face Mask Won iF Product Design Award

IF design award is one the world's three major design awards, its the "Design community Oscar" in the just concluded German iF Design Award 2017 International Design Competition, the Mi Face Mask won the German iF design award!

More Efforts For Better Face Mask

Outer fiber protection cover, with 5 layer inner purification filter

Mi air face mask is designed by famous american designers, material exports from the perspective of functional wearing style the outer layer is a special leather texture flexible shell for comfort and protection and it is sealed with disposable filter cartridges for health and breath protection

Flexible Outer Shell
Accumulated For 6 Months

Mi Air Wear mask is made using selection from South Korea's skin-friendly ultra-fiber materials, soft and light at the same time, its leather texture, saturated color, not easy to lose color, so that the mask becomes more like a daily clothes. The cover is covered with radial air holes, so you feel comfortable every time you breathe.

  • Soft Skin
  • Antibacterial
  • Waterproof
  • Radial Air Holes

Dimensional Air Structure
For Fast Breathing

Three-dimensional air bubble design, give the mouth, nose enough breathing space. And promote air flow, reduce water vapor production, while avoiding allergy problems, so can breathe freely.

Light, breathable layers of filters
So your every breath is fresh

Good masks needs to have a good filter, Mi air face mask filter contains 5 layers of high efficiency layers, using electrostatic capture and physical barrier in two ways to filter different particles, In accordance with T/CTCA 1-2015-F95 standard (equivalent to GB2626-2006 KN95 filter level)

  • Food Grade*
    PC material
  • Protection PM0.3
  • Good Ventilation

* Sealing material of the filter is in accordance with FDA food level requirements.

Disposable Filter Cartidges
Cumulative For 8 Hours

No matter how good the mask is it can not stop the pollutants from the gap into the human respiratory system, Mi air face mask inner filter with 360° adaptive seal, the formation of three-dimensional fully enclosed air bubbles. On both sides of the nose, chin and other focus double protection, so that the mask more fit the contours of the face.

Ordinary Wear
To meet your daily use

Filter ring double leaves on the side, naturally fit in the face.

A Perfect Fit
Can wear with glasses

The filter side of the filter ring leaves open, attached to the nose on both sides, but also according to the face, only open the left or right side of the blade.

  • Heavy Haze
  • Special Face
  • Wear Glasses

Excellent protection, with cool colors

Mi Air Face Mask is available in the gray, red black and other cool colors.

Mi AirWear Face Mask have been certified by the following authorities

We need to breathe every second of our life and nothing is more important than it,
What you breath is good or bad will have direct affect on quality of your life.

  • European Oeko-Tex100
    Level 1 standard, the material is
    even safe for babies
  • In Accordance With PM 2.5
  • Passed by German authorities
    Heinstein Institute of skin
  • All plastic parts are ROHS

Face Mask Filter5 Pcs Pack

PM2.5 purification efficiency up to 99.97%

Rs 3000
Buy Now * It is recommended to change filter after evey 8 hours of use.

Mask implementation standards and filter level by the China Textile Business Association issued the "PM2.5 protective masks" T / CTCA 1-2015-F95 certification,
Passed the German authorities skin adaptability test, in line with ISO10993-5 standards.

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